Sunday, December 7, 2014


Our results became available last week. I ended up spending a large part of this weekend summarizing the results and re-organizing the graphs from AmGut into something I hope folks find a little bit more interesting and easier to digest (heh).

I hope to make the raw taxonomy data available later this week. Until then, please enjoy the slides. I'm going to hold off offering any of my own thoughts for a while. There are a lot of folks considerably more knowledgeable in this stuff than me anyway.

Finally, special thanks to Grace and Tim for offering suggestions on the slides, Mr. Heisenbug for offering suggestions on the experiment protocol, and last but by no means least, to Richard for bringing the considerable weight of his readership to bear on the fundraiser.

Obviously the slides on the large side, but you should be able to download them for more convenient side-by-side viewing. Enjoy!!