Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Food Journal: Wed, March 26

First I want to report that we won't be doing 7 weeks of science project after all. My wife has a trip planned the first weekend of April. That would have her gone for a couple days right before taking the end samples. That completely defeats the purpose of my big, long explanation for extending the project a week in order to have a more homogenous diet among us all.

So, like Solomon, I am splitting the baby. (Yeah, yeah, he didn't really split the baby.) We'll run the experiment an extra half week instead. We'll sample mid-week next week.

That means today I must restart our food journals. Enjoy.

Child 1 - 2 eggs scrambled, melted cheese on top; yogurt w/ granola
Child 2 - ditto
Adult 1 - coffee & half-n-half; 2 TBSP PS in water
Adult 2 - coffee & whole milk

Child 1 - don't know (ate at friend's house)
Child 2 - mac-n-cheese (Annie's from a box); 4-6 cocktail pickles
Adult 1 - 2 eggs over reheated black-eyed peas and few forkfuls of raw sauerkraut (Farmhouse Culture brand); yogurt w/ granola
Adult 2 - ditto

All - braised chuck roast, mushroom sauce, baked potato w/ sour cream, green beans
Child 1 - 1 TBSP PS & 1 TSP ground psyllium husk both in water
Child 2 - 1 TBSP PS in water
Adult 1 - 2 TBSP PS in water
Adult 2 - 2 TBSP PS in Nancy's Peach kefir

Evening snack:
Adult 1 - vanilla ice cream
Adult 2 - vanilla ice cream

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