Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alright, Indiegogo it is

The project was denied by Kickstarter. After further inquiry, I better understand what they mean when they say it must be a project. They want something tangible that the benefactors can, at least in theory, personally make use of. While a lab report is tangible, it's not tangible in the sense of having any direct relevance to the benefactors that would be donating to the project.

A kit for consumers to perform their own DIY gut biome sample, that's a tangible outcome. Me getting an analysis on my biome, not a tangible outcome. The value in "before" & "after" testing for anyone other than myself is informational only, and thus intangible.

OK, now I get that, but they should do a better job explaining themselves on the front end. I read their guidelines very closely and the pitch they put on their website doesn't make that clear distinction. It just says you should have a final output/concrete deliverable and the deliverable should fall within some obvious no-politics, no-woo, no-BATF limitations. Well, a lab report seems like an obvious output to me.

Anyway, I've picked up stakes and moved to Indiegogo. Hopefully I'll have it all done and a link to the project to share by tomorrow. Stay tuned. Done.

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