Saturday, December 7, 2013

Food Journal: Sat, Dec 7

Allow us all to pause for the Day of Infamy. Thank you.

By the way, my grandfather served in the Pacific on a wood-hulled mine sweeper. I can't remember if he made it to Japan, but I'm pretty sure he docked once in mainland China. He's still with us, which is nice.

But I digress. Food journal. I'm going to try and hit a few days in a row so that people can get a feel for what's typical for us, though I must say this is two days in a row that's not really typical. It's not totally unusual, but it's kind of at the end our normal range. Also, unlike M-F, this breakfast is quite a bit different for all of us.

Again, there may have been a little snacking I missed, but this is the main parts.

Child 1 - 1 over-easy egg; 4 3-4" pancakes w/ real maple syrup; 2 strips bacon
Child 2 - ditto
Adult 1 - ditto plus coffee & half-n-half
Adult 2 - ditto plus coffee & half-n-half
All - ~1 TSP fermented cod liver oil plus 1 drop Thorne vitamin K2

No one ate lunch. Kids were pretty grumpy by dinner time, which we had an hour early. :)

All - split pea (AKA green lentils) & ham soup (onion, celery, carrot, parsely); age goat cheddar on the side, no crackers

Evening snack:
Adult 1 - 3 cookies (homemade -> butter & coconut oil, no trans fat or veg oils) & hot tea, herbal
Adult 2 - ditto

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