Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bifido bacteria

In the previous web links post I mentioned a new blogger, Mr. Heisenbug, as being the best for last.

He has written another post looking at RS and hypothesizing a few mechanisms by which RS may be promoting gut health via bifidogenicity.

The conclusion of his post is that we really need a comparison of RS + fermented dairy (a bifido source) with plain RS. Well gee, that reasonably closely describes my project! In fact, after reading his post, I've decided to remove a potential confounder by having 'Adult 1' completely abstain from fermented dairy during the course of the experiment.

It won't be perfect as Adult 1 is already a regular fermented dairy consumer, but the variety of yogurt does not appear to have bifido bacteria and studies show bifido relatively clears from the gut in just 2-4 days. I'm also inclined to separate the children into a bifido-yogurt group and a non-bifido-yogurt group. I need to think about that one some more, however, as the children were already testing psyllium as a supplement cofactor.

Now all I need to do is get this thing funded! (Hint. Hint. The wine country tours are still available. :) Those two would all but get us there.)

Finally, I suspect if you're reading this post you've already seen it, but Tatertot Tim, has a great guest post on Richard's blog also discussing bifido bacteria.

The dots, they are a connectin'. Now all we need to do is test them.

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