Saturday, December 7, 2013

Food Journal: Friday, Dec 6

I won't attempt to do these everyday, or include the amounts every time, but I'll try to hit a few of these in a row early on to give a sense for what our diet looks like. Today was a fairly typical day for a day that I'd consider in the "light" range for us. It was "light" except for breakfast, which almost never varies on weekdays. These lighter days happen from time to time for no obvious reason, I reckon, other than being busy. Or you could say we made up for it with the cookies, since we don't typically do desserts. Today we did. Yin & Yang, perhaps.

Also, there may have been a little snacking I missed, but this has all the main parts.

Child 1 - 2 scrambled eggs w/ melted cheddar on top; 1/2 cup of plain yogurt w/ couple TBSP granola
Child 2 - ditto
Adult 1 - 2 c coffee w/ ~1/4 c Half-n-half between them
Adult 2 - 2 c coffee & half-n-half

Child 1 - not sure :)
Child 2 - small plate with hard salami, green olives, & pretzel sticks
Adult 1 - 1/2 c yogurt & granola; 5-10 triscuit crackers w/ spread from a cream cheese/chevre-cheese cheeseball; handful of pistachios
Adult 2 - small plate of hard salami, green olives, & pretzel sticks, handful of pistachio nuts

All - white beans & ham over white rice (about 2/3 of the rice was straight out of the cooker, other 1/3 was leftovers from the fridge and thrown into the cooker right after the new rice was finished, but before it had cooled any -- I have no idea what that means for RS); a couple homemade short-bread cookies for dessert

Before bed snack:
Adult 1 - about 6 squares of dark chocolate and a 1/2 c whole milk

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