Sunday, December 8, 2013

Food Journal: Sunday, Dec 8

Child 1 - 2 eggs over-easy, 2 sausage patties, small corn tortilla to sop up yolks; square of home-made persimmon pudding (about the size of a brownie) w/ whip cream on top
Child 2 - ditto
Adult 1 - ditto plus coffee & half-n-half
Adult 2 - ditto plus coffee & half-n-half
All - ~1 TSP fermented cod liver oil plus 6-12k IU Vit D drops.

Child 1 - take-out pizza and small slice of chocolate cake
Child 2 - pizza only, no cake
Adult 1 - none
Adult 2 - none

All - roasted turkey breast w/ braised potatoes and home-made stuffing (yes, they're Thanksgiving left-overs; and yes, this is like the third day without much in the way of leafy greens -- so embarrassing I never thought of this aspect when I decided to food journal)

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